Starch-based adhesive for wallpaperLUREMILD




[Synthetic Resin Adhesive Mixture] It settles well at joints, so even strongly curled wallpaper can easily hang on the wall.

Outstanding adhesive strength and stability

· A high-performance adhesive that does not produce harmful chemicals.
· Excellent moisture resistance strongly suppresses out break of space and peeling after hanging the wallpaper.
· Viscosity changes are very small after dilution.
*Materials for wallpaper recommended by ISM

  • JIS-F☆☆☆☆

Starch-based adhesive for wallpaper Class 2 No. 1

Product numberPackagingArea covered (㎡)/Amount
213-70118kg180㎡ / 18kg
711-4022kg×920㎡ / 2kg
711-405350g×403.5㎡ / 350g