Caulking agentJOINT CAULK-A



Prevents wallpaper peeling

Easy to apply, non-stick acrylic caulking agent.
Excellent adhesion to wallpaper and water-based paint. Highly moisture-resistant and prevents wallpaper from peeling due to moisture.

· Abundant color variation including all 40 colors.
· It is now possible to closely match the color of the wallpaper.

  • Formaldehyde emission classification F☆☆☆☆

Regular type

Product numberColorProduct numberColor
230-006Beige230-125Sky Blue
230-007New Beige230-302Light Yellow
230-102Amber230-303Dark Gray
230-104Gray230-304Faint Yellowish Green
230-108Yellowish Green230-305Natural Brown
230-109Green230-306White Brown
230-110Dark Green230-307White Oak
230-111Lumber Brown230-308Light Oak
230-112Hay Brown230-309Light Brown
230-113Ocher230-310Cherry Brown
230-114Dark Brown230-311Light Amber
230-116Faint Beige230-313Silky White
230-117Light Gray230-314Pale White
230-119Oak230-315Pastel Ivory
230-120Clear230-316Light Ivory
230-121Natural230-317Shadow White
230-122Medium230-318Miracle Ivory

[Packaging] White, ivory, beige, new beige, light ivory, shadow white: 500g tube×6×6. Clear: 340g tube×6×4. Other: 500g tube×6×4.
*Other special colors are available upon request. (Toning fee is separately charged.)